Compensation Disclosure

Some companies compensate news dissemination and financial marketing firms who provide dissemination and other marketing services in cash or securities to increase awareness, provide coverage, promote, tout or recommend their stocks. While this isn’t illegal, the federal securities laws require the newsletters to disclose who paid them, the amount, and the type of payment. In order to be in full compliance with the Securities Act of 1933, Section 17(b), any consideration to WallStreetStrategyNews.com, its affiliated members and its management will be fully disclosed if applicable. WallStreetStrategyNews.com, and/or any of its affiliates, principles, employees, clients, partners, directors, agents, and the respective family members may from time to time buy or hold shares of any of our profiled companies prior to releasing it to the membership via email or website posting. We also may sell our shares in any profiled company at any time after the profile has been released to the membership which may allow us to profit from the sale. HOWEVER IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT ASTORIA VENTURES LLC/WallStreetStrategyNews.com NEVER ACCEPTS SECURITIES/STOCKS AS FORM OF PAYMENT FOR ITS SERVICES. WallStreetStrategyNews.com ONLY ACCEPTS CASH AS ACCEPTABLE FORM OF PAYMENT FOR PROVIDING OUR SERVICES.

Any material published by WallStreetStrategyNews.com is not without bias, and could be considered a conflict of interest if compensation has been received by WallStreetStrategyNews.com for its dissemination services. To comply with Section 17(b) of the Securities Act of 1933, WallStreetStrategyNews.com shall always disclose any compensation it has received, or expects to receive in the future, for the dissemination of the information behalf of all companies mentioned in any WallStreetStrategyNews.com, releases or any other material. Such compensation will be fully disclosed in the individual materials disseminated or generated on behalf of any company.

On occasion WallStreetStrategyNews.com, its affiliated members and its management will receive compensation from the company or a non-affiliated third party in relation to the companies being profiled in. In such a case WallStreetStrategyNews.com and its affiliated members and its management, directly mentions this in its disclaimer sent to our subscribers and accessible in any online post WallStreetStrategyNews.com, its affiliated members, management associates, relatives and anyone associated with WallStreetStrategyNews.com, its affiliated members and its management, in any manner reserves the right to either BUY or SELL shares in the profiled company’s stock, either BEFORE the date of the profile, DURING the date of the news or marketing materials or at ANY time after the date of the dissemination of said news/marketing materials. Do your own research and due diligence (DD) before investing in any company. WallStreetStrategyNews.com, its affiliated members and its management, merely is disseminating information as a third party publisher and is in no way or manner suggesting an investment in any company or investment opportunity. You the investor are making decisions for yourself. Please do your own research before investing. It is crucial that you at least look at current SEC filings and read the latest press releases. Information contained in any WallStreetStrategyNews.com material was extracted from current documents filed with the SEC, the company web site and other publicly available sources deemed reliable. The purpose of this advertisement, like any advertising, is to provide coverage and awareness for the company. Never invest into a stock we discuss unless you are prepared to lose your entire investment.